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Hi I’m Solee Stagbeetle, a professional Wizard and timber tinkerer, I love unique timber species which I collect from my local area.

I am also a fantasy author of “The Good Mage” trilogy which is available from my stall.

‘The Good Mage’ – As a wave of magic transforms everyone and everything on the planet, Solee finds himself plucked from a less-than-inspiring job in a kitchen. Now a wizard in a fast-moving journey of wits and surprises, he is suddenly fighting for his life in unimaginable terrain. He sets out to find adventure, beer, and people to annoy, and perhaps a hint of purpose. Along the way he meets friends both new and old—all changed by the new world. He soon encounters monstrous undead, sentient wolves, and more spiders than he can comfortably poke a stick at, along with far more subtle friends and enemies. With great power, comes… some responsibility, however, no one has told Solee this. A story of adventure, deceit, and friendship, mixed in with quite a few beers and a realistic amount of vulgar language. A great read for anyone who loves imagination, fantasy, and fun.