Twisted River Vines

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Twisted River Wines brings you a range of elegant, bright, vibrant cool climate wines. All are hand-grown and made in the Central Ranges of NSW. Now brought to you from magnificent Valla.

The full twisted tale …

It has been a full-circle journey with a few hairpin turns along the way for the owners of Twisted River Wines, Michelle Davies and Helen Armstrong. The couple have retired to Valla in the Nambucca Valley, on the Mid North Coast of NSW after fulfilling a life-long dream to own their own vineyard.

Now, rather than spending their days with their hands in the earth or tending to vines, you will find them sharing the fruits of their toil at all the best markets along with the popular food and wine events throughout the East Coast and beyond.

The Twisted River Wines story began in a low-yielding vineyard nestled on the edge of the Goobang remnant forest near Manildra in the renowned cool climate wine region of the NSW Central Ranges.

Owners Michelle Davies and Helen Armstrong established the multi award winning boutique vineyard with the shared vision of producing exceptional grapes and wine.

In a world of low quality, fast everything – Michelle and Helen were determined to go against the grain to deliver quality rarely seen… but valued by many. According to the couple, it was less visionary and more tenacious dedication that set the tone for their wines.

Through a combination of sheer effort and enduring friendships – they have produced outstanding cool climate examples that beautifully express the unique appeal of the single vineyard.

During the fourteen years on the vineyard their aim was to meet the highest grape growing standards and produce grapes and wine that truly reflect the terroir of the vineyard. Their reward… low yielding, high-quality grapes ripening slowly to reveal intense flavours, acidity, and balance. Twisted River Wines are known for their elegance and versatility with medium-bodied forward fruit flavours that are crisp, bright, and vibrant.

Along with the Twisted River Wines flagships – Shiraz and Viognier, Twisted River offers exceptional Cabernet Merlot, Rosé, Chardonnay and Tawny.

While the vision of harvesting grapes to the soothing sounds of Vivaldi remained a dream right up until their retirement from the vineyard in mid-2021, the determination to produce nothing but the finest wine continues to bring its own rewards.

This is the Twisted River Wines story…