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Cherie at Tumeric Blends (Tumeric 4 You) sells a variety of tumeric-based elixirs, powders and capsules for healthy living!

Exciting blend of herbs and spices, made into an easily consumable form. Turmeric has been helping people of all ages overcome muscle soreness and inflammatory with it’s anti-inflammatory properties.

Turmeric is said to help in the treatment of many ailments. Turmeric has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties and is known for its anti-oxidants.

Adding Tumeric to your daily diet, just one teaspoon per day can make a difference.

Cherie’s turmeric blends are 100% natural with NO Nasties or fillers.

Suitable for adults, children, family pets, vegetarians and vegans. Aka: The whole family! It is gluten-free, and dariy-free and has NO added sugar, NO artificial colourings or preservatives.

Australian made, organic and listed under the Registry for Therapeutic Goods Australia.

Make It Your Daily Ritual. Mix as a drink or add to food.