Smooth Propagator

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Smooth Propagator is run by Andrew, a passionate farmer and gardener who loves growing food and sells vegetable and herb seedlings suitable for the local climate.

Andrew has been a tea tree farmer since moving to Grafton in 2018 but has always enjoyed tending to his vegetable patch in his spare time to grow food for friends and family. Over time, he learned that a plant with a bad start will never fully recover, making it important to plant the highest quality seedlings for the best results.

Before moving to the North Coast, Andrew lived and gardened in Victoria. He still remembers the first zucchini plant he grew in a rental property in inner-city Melbourne. The plant produced so many zucchinis that Andrew couldn’t give them away fast enough, and for a couple of months, every meal he and his housemates ate had to include zucchini.

Since then, Andrew has found producing food for himself and others deeply satisfying. That’s why he started Smooth Propagator, to help others grow their own food. Andrew is always willing to chat about gardening, learn from each other about what works and what doesn’t, and help you get started.

Feel free to drop by to see what’s on offer or have a chat about what to plant and how to grow food.