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Everything you need for your skin is already in nature. Introducing Skinb. Made with natural ingredients known throughout time for their healing, antibacterial and soothing properties.                   

Skinb (pronounced Skin…be) was developed and created by Cherith Crozier – a stylist and production designer who has always worked in the creative industry.

Cherith has always been interested in seeking out natural and organic produce, during the infamous lockdowns when she had time on her hands she happened to read the ingredient list of one of the expensive creams she had been previously been buying & wondered what is all of this stuff that I am putting on my skin?

She started researching what those so called ‘good’ ingredients actually where and wondered if it was possible to make something with natural ingredients instead so she started to experiment with a few simple natural products & eventually formulated 2 products a natural balm for the face and minor skin irritations and a natural butter for the body that nourishes your body.

She started giving the product to her friends to try & they suggested selling it, however she had another idea – she wanted to show others how easy it was to make your own skincare so she developed Skinb DIY skincare kits as a kind of plan b for your skin as most of us have tried a host of creams & lotions so why not learn how to make it yourself.

With Skinb you have the choice of buying a ready made natural & organic skincare product or you can learn how to make it yourself, gift it to others so that they can try, or buy one of our bulk kits to make with your friends together.


Our balm & butter have minimal ingredients that are highly beneficial for your skin, as they are anhydrous (which means they don’t contain water) they don’t need synthetic preservatives & emulsifiers which are found in most lotions & creams, even the really expensive ‘good’ ones. We have also created kits so you can make the balm & butter yourself & see exactly what goes into them & learn how simple it is to make your own natural skincare.


Once you have mastered making your own balm & butter why not experiment – for instance try swapping out the mango butter for shea butter or swap the cocoa butter for beeswax, try adding a few drops off your favourite essential oil to your butter or balm once they are at the cooling stage (please note to check toxicity – photosensitivity of oils such as anything with citrus or bergamot as these can cause reactions on your skin when exposed to sunlight). Make butter & balm for your friends with our 4 or 10 person kit, we can customise your labels for a small fee too or you could create your own with our craft labels. Have fun learning and new skill & impress your friends with your very own skincare range!


All of our packaging is either reusable, recyclable or can be composted – reuse your bottles by using them to measure quantities to make more balms & butters or use them for other oils – we will also pay for the return postage for used bottles with their lids if you no longer have a need for them, these will go into kits that we will donate to a local school or charity or just someone who would benefit from a kit to brighten their day.


If for some reason you aren’t happy with our products, please contact us via our contact page & we will either exchange or refund your product.


“Initially I thought the balm was quite oily on my skin, but after using it a few times I love it & my skin has never felt so nourished.” ~ CarraghValla Beach, NSW

” The kits are so simple and easy to use and a beautiful product, such a great gift idea, I’ve bought kits for all of my friends.” ~ ReneeKorora, NSW