Nambucca Oyster Company

Farmers + Growers, Gourmet Producers

Delicious all-natural local oysters from Macksville shucked and unshucked.

When you indulge in a Nambucca Oyster, you are experiencing seven generations of Tessier Family oyster farming. Originating from the southwest of France in the Marennes Oleron basin – the birthplace of the oyster – the Tessier Family has spent decades refining and perfecting the intricate art.

Following years in international waters, they decided to explore other horizons, eventually settling down to explore the local rivers and the Sydney Rock Oyster of NSW, cultivating decades of passion and know-how to bring you Nambucca Oysters.

Also selling their award-winning product recipes:

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  • La charentaise
  • La Fromage