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Miyachi Sushi めし屋

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Miyachi has been running Miyachi Sushi  めし屋 stall for about 5 years “I love the customers and if they enjoy my food, I love that”.

“I have been making Sushi since I was a little girl. My Grandma was a chef in Japan and had her own café. All the recipes are from my grandma, so they are special to me”.

As well as operating her delicious sushi stall every Sunday at Harborside Markets Miyachi also conducts fun sushi & Japanese cooking workshops at for both kids and grown-ups.
Catering is available for events, home parties and functions.

Miyachi has so much dedication and passion for her sushi stall. She is very kind and generous and is always looking for ways to give and share. She has a feeling of gratitude that is always with her. We are all grateful for her. Thanks Miyachi!