Jules Nature Artist

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Helping our wildlife with art to use, gift and smile at.

Invite our wildlife into your home with my original art. I create artworks inspired by nature using pen and watercolours, transforming them into custom-designed tea towels, cushions, face masks and more. Unique, unbreakable, eco-friendly.

Proudly drawn, painted and printed in Australia providing funds for wildlife charities.

A life of adventures, challenges and laughs across the globe. Travelling many nautical and land miles, lots of homes and a few different careers has been my life so far.

I know from my travel experiences that finding that unique, affordable, unbreakable gift or souvenir for family or friend is no easy feat. Throw into the mix that they love animals and art and the challenge is really set. This pushed me to the creation of my useable art range and the use of the unsung hero of the household – THE TEA TOWEL – to be used as my canvas.