Get Whipped Cheesecake Cones

Food Vendors, Kids Stuff

It’s not ice-cream… it’s CHEESECAKE… in a cone!!!

Get Whipped Cheesecake Cones are an awesome mix of two of your favourite desserts and with a variety of mouth-watering flavours you’re sure to be completely obsessed with this modern take on cheesecake!!! Handmade from scratch, using fresh local (when we can) ingredients, we have taken cheesecake to the NEXT LEVEL!!!

Imagine… a scrumptious waffle cone filled with hand piped whipped cheesecake and then smothered in your favourite toppings… salted caramel, cookies & cream, banana pecan and lemon meringue just to name a few…

Or a freshly cooked waffle bowl filled with cheesecake and/or yoghurt, muesli, slow-roasted and fresh fruit, and a hint of lavender sugar.

What a way to start your Sunday!