Coffs Coast Mushrooms

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Locally grown fresh produce, gourmet condiments and grow your own mushroom kits.

We started with the simple idea of bringing the best from us to you.

Shrooms with a difference – that’s what Coffs Coast Mushrooms is all about.

Established in 2021, Coffs Coast Mushrooms aims to provide every home and food business in the region and beyond with the finest culinary and functional mushrooms, and related products.

We are now a family-run business including Coffs locals Craig, his sister Vanessa, and Vanessa’s husband Steve.

Drawing on our local knowledge and broad skill base – in particular Craig’s experience growing mushrooms and as a former chef in some of Sydney’s finest restaurants and exclusive international boutique hotels – we aim to spawn some new ideas for bringing this nutritious, tasty fungi into your home or food business.

More than your garden variety button or cup mushroom, we grow and supply fresh varieties such as:

  • Lion’s Mane
  • Oyster
  • Pioppino

As well as mushroom related products:

  • Dried Lions Mane
  • Mushroom pickle products
  • Mushroom Grow Kits

We look forward to supplying you with all your mushroom needs.

The Coffs Coast Mushrooms team.