Chocolate Dr

Gourmet Producers

Chocolate handmade in Coffs Harbour by chef David Ricketts (DR)

Cocoa beans are hand-roasted, hand crushed, and hand-tempered all the way through to creating indulgent bars and bonbons. Creating unique local chocolate blends.

Cocoa bean bar varieties and flavours include:

  • Aussie, Solomon Islands, PNG, Samoan, Peru
  • Milk, Dark, 90% Cocoa, White
  • Raspberry, Orange
  • Sugar-free
  • Lions mane

Some unique bonbon flavours include:

  • red wine
  • whiskey
  • pina colada
  • espresso martini
  • gin honey and ginger
  • gin and lemon myrtle
  • caramel
  • garlic

The DR also makes a unique tea using the shell from the cocoa beans also making a traditional indulgent 100% drinking chocolate.

Treat yourself at Dave’s stall this Sunday!