Living Slow – Finding Flow In Your World

What do we mean when we talk about living fast or slow?

When we are rushing from one thing to the next it’s hard to focus on what’s in front of us. And it’s even harder to enjoy it! When was the last time you did things without having a plan or an end time? Or even just without the feeling of rushing. Little kids are so good at it. They just meander along getting distracted and going to the next thing when they feel like it.

So maybe we are able to live a bit slower on weekends or holidays but can we live our workdays in a slower zone? And still be productive? And more relaxed? So life feels slower. Wouldn’t that be fantastic! We can’t give up the “have to” or the “want to” things but maybe it’s a good idea to give up the “should do” things, they just cause stress.

I don’t know if its possible to live more slowly but not give up the important stuff or the fun stuff but it’s definitely worth a go. But if you are enjoying the adrenaline rush of busyness, that’s OK too. But if you’re not enjoying it and want to change be prepared to take some time to work on it. This is going to take practice. And you will need to make an effort to go against your habits.

Firstly just to imagine living differently – without rush, relaxed, focused, productive. Imagine a kind and gentle approach to yourself and others that is forgiving and creative and looks for positive outcomes in all the challenges we face. If you imagine as you are going to sleep I’ve heard it can help your brain to remember to think differently the next day.

Next you do need some planning. Put your “have to’s” on a list and some “want to’s”. Try really hard to put fewer things on the list. Is there “should do’s” on there? Get rid of them!

And then take some moments here and there to move more slowly and meander and notice. You might find you discover some wonderful and interesting things in your world. We have heaps of them.

At The Happy Frog Café Grocer and Harbourside Markets we work hard to create spaces for people to unwind, catch up with friends and connect with community. Space to enjoy activities, listen to live music or take the time to shop and cook a healthy meal from scratch. Space to go with the flow!

by Kim Towner

HARBOURSIDE Markets Finding Flow