Giant Sushi Challenge at Harbourside Markets

Harbourside Markets food stall regulars Miyachi Sushi have challenged themselves to create a sushi roll fit for Godzilla! The team will be making the biggest sushi roll on the Mid North Coast!

Stallholder and sushi maker extraordinaire Yukari Miyachi had the idea to create the giant roll to give back and celebrate the resilience of our community. 2020 was a tough year for everybody and particularly for those in local business. Harbourside Markets hosts more than 80 individual, small business owners every Sunday at Jetty Foreshores in Coffs Harbour making it the perfect setting to bring people together to say thanks for supporting us!

The event will be a lot of fun where several feet worth of seaweed, rice, fresh fish and vegetables will be rolled into the gigantic sushi which will then be sliced and shared with Harbourside Markets visitors.

Watch the Miyachi Sushi team in action at Harbourside Markets on the 24th January from 10am and get your slice of sushi gratitude.


Our Giant Sushi Event was a great success!! Mama Miyachi and the team managed to roll the biggest sushi in the southern hemisphere! It was 6m long and 30cm in diameter when rolled.

Preparing to roll. 5kg of rice, teriyaki chicken, seafood and salad on a seaweed base 6m long!

Ready to ROLL!

The sushi was sliced to share with Harbourside Markets visitors!

Congratulations Miyachi Sushi!!