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with Felicity Lawless & Elena Marcigot (MsEleneous)

Felicity Lawless & Elena Marcigot (MsEleneous)

Are you ready for Spanish and gypsy guitar weaved with many flavours of the world? The vocal harmonies and instrumental mastery of these two awe-inspiring musicians both warms the heartstrings and uplifts the soul. You will be taken on an unforgettable journey of love, life and lyrical delights!

Felicity Lawless stimulates the senses and elevates the soul with music fusing Spanish, world, rock, reggae and folk elements. Her sound is characterised by a flashy, Spanish guitar style, soaring vocal melodies and hypnotic rhythms on the cajon. She performs with an energy that elevates and inspires while infusing her crowds with enthusiasm and joy.

Elena Marcigot, aka. MsEleneous, is a local multi-instrumentalist who adds flourishes of virtuosic gypsy clarinet, saxophone and heart warming harmonies. An Italian child-prodigy on clarinet, she is truly a musician who plays with great character and exception beauty. MsElaneous regularly works with SkyEater, The Jesse Morris Band, and many, many others.