We love to support our local community groups and organisations by offering one free stall space per week at Harbourside Markets to one of these local groups. This space can be used in a wide variety of ways including fundraising, awareness or recruiting volunteers.

If you would like to apply for a free stall please complete the application form below and we will let you know if your application has been approved. You will need to have your own insurance.

The information in this form will be used to create a profile page on our website about your organisation for continued promotion and also so people can continue to get in contact with you.

We can also promote your stall on our social media pages (Facebook and Instagram @harboursidemarketscoffs). We do appreciate a like, follow or share on our pages too!

It’s all about creating stronger communities together and helping each other.

Please read, fill in and sign the form below which will be sent to market coordinator Kim Towner to confirm your stall application.

By signing this application, I agree that:

  1. I have read and agree to comply with the stallholder guidelines.
  2. I must at all times during market hours keep my stall, goods and other items within the site boundaries.
  3. I must only enter the Market carpark via the yacht club entrance or the west car I will not drive in over the footpaths or gardens.
  4. I must drive at walking pace with headlights and hazard lights on whenever I am in the market park area
  5. While driving within the market area I must stay on the pathway at all times unless I am authorised by the Harbourside Markets staff and when I am positioning a caravan or trailer at my site. I must ensure where I drive has no sprinklers.
  6. I must unload as quickly as possible and move my car out as soon as the pathway is clear.
  7. I must park as close to the railway line as possible then return to set up my stall
  8. In the afternoon, I must pack up my stall before coming in with my car
  9. Once again, I must keep my car on the pathway and load as quickly as possible
  10. I must take any waste generated by my market stall home or to a suitable recycling station. Waste is not to be placed into public bins in or around the Markets.
  11. I must be patient, kind and courteous to other stallholders and the public. I must not interfere with other stallholders or denigrate them or their products. Any conflict or potential conflict should be brought to the attention of Harbourside Markets management.
  12. I must not smoke cigarettes or vape within 20 metres of the market area
  13. I must always speak politely and not use bad language
  14. I must practice safe hygiene & follow current health directives.
  15. I must ensure that anyone working with or for me complies with the above requirements
  16. Have a wonderful time!

    Contact Details

    (these details will be kept private and will not be promoted)

    Stall Details


    Please attach high-quality images for promotion (JPG, PNG). You can submit more than one (recommended)

    Please attach a copy of your current Insurance PL (required) (PDF, Word Document or Image)

    Please ensure you have read Harbourside Markets T&C’s before lodging your application.

    Please allow for a few minutes after you submit the form as the attached files might take a moment to upload.