Ziyah’s Condiments

Ziyahs Condiments Harbourside Markets

Ziyah draws inspiration for her condiments from her traditional family recipes. Her range of delicious, spicy, tasty and healthy condiments allows you to eat well and be a gourmet foodie in your home everyday of the week! They make every dish delightful!

Ziyah’s Satay Sauce needs to be tasted to be believed!
Visit her stall next Sunday have a taste test and stock up.
Other products include:
Eggplant Kasundi
Kasundi Relish
Pineapple and Ginger Chutney
Curry & Cardamom Powder.

Ziyah has plenty of great ideas and cooking tips to share as well some say hello!

Ziyahs Condiments Harbourside MarketsZiyahs Condiments harbourside Markets