Demlane Farm

Ben & Meghan Garnock’s stall sells produce from Demlane Farm. Located on the beautiful Dorrigo Plateau, with 106 hectares of rolling pasture and 20 hectares of dedicated wildlife refuge. At the farm they take great pride in creating a sustainable, holistic agricultural system that promotes biodiversity and provides delicious, chemical free produce.

It is their passion to share their favourite farm products and traditional family recipes on the local community. Ben and Meghan are keen to meet locals and introduce them to their seasonal and sustainable produce and products. The region is very dear to them and unique in the diversity of growing conditions available and it their pleasure to be part of and promote the Coffs Coast & Bellingen shire as a NSW Food Destination.

Demlane Farm stall sells:
– Pop’s Black Sauce
– Pop’s Tomato Sauce
– Infused Salts
– Citrus Cordials
– Chilli Sauce
– Fresh Asparagus

Demlane Farm’s signature product is Pop’s Black Sauce
This is a family recipe from Meghans great grandfather. It is a kitchen staple, great for BBQs, in marinades, on eggs, with mushrooms, in oyster kilpatrick (and the occasional Bloody Mary) – it is gluten free and vegan too!
Pop’s Black Sauce is soon to be followed by Pop’s Tomato Sauce, coming soon!

Meghan and Ben are also excited by the new introduction of a flock of Lambpro sheep for fat lamb production at Demlane Farm. A product that will be on offer from 2019.

Visit their stall or find them online at:


Contact: 0422496034 or 0416357686





Bakarindi Bush Foods

Bakarindi Bush Foods grow and will be able to supply finger limes, lemon and aniseed myrtle and riberries. Our kitchen turns these products and more into award winning taste sensations that will leave you wanting more.

Some years ago we moved from Woolgoolga to follow our passion for native plants. This led us to the Back of Corindi Beach to a property that has been in our friends family for over 100 years. After a major clean up (still ongoing) we planted our first 3 Finger Limes along with other native fruit trees and some exotics.

We now have over 100 Finger Limes, 60 Riberries, along with a small patch of Lemon and Aniseed Myrtle. The planting is ongoing with Davidson Plums recently added. The garlic and chillies used in our products are also grown on the property.

Our home is situated on a small rise with views from the kitchen (where the creating occurs) over the trees to the ocean. We have always made homemade relishes, chutneys and jams and now, with the addition of the bush foods decided to bring our products to the public through various markets and now our online store. We love explaining the benefits of eating native foods especially that all our products contain NO artificial colourings, flavours or preservatives.

Ringer Stinger Relish, Finger Lime Dukkah, eg. Finger Lime Jam, Pickle, Dukkah and Jelly. Riberry into a Peppered Riberry Relish and a Jam. Lemon Myrtle as a great seasoning we also use this to flavour our Paw Paw and lemon Myrtle Chutney. Our aniseed myrtle is used in our Davidson Plum Relish and Jam.

Lime varieties we grow

Lime varieties we grow

Some of the varieties of finger limes grown by Bakarindi Bush Foods we have also just finished planting
Red Centre Limes (more juicy than a finger lime). Come on down to Harbourside Markets to sample some of our multi award winning products and taste the amazing flavour and texture of Finger Limes.


240 Berry Farm Rd
Upper Corindi, New South Wales, Australia
Get Directions

Call 61266491150 or 0428138266


Ziyah’s Condiments

Ziyah draws inspiration for her condiments from her traditional family recipes. Her range of delicious, spicy, tasty and healthy condiments allows you to eat well and be a gourmet foodie in your home everyday of the week! They make every dish delightful!

Ziyah’s Satay Sauce needs to be tasted to be believed!
Visit her stall next Sunday have a taste test and stock up.
Other products include:
Eggplant Kasundi
Kasundi Relish
Pineapple and Ginger Chutney
Curry & Cardamom Powder.

Ziyah has plenty of great ideas and cooking tips to share as well some say hello!

Ziyahs Condiments Harbourside MarketsZiyahs Condiments harbourside Markets

Coffs Local Natural Honey

Alan “Elksie” Elks began his market stall 4 years ago to provide his customers with quality local honey at a reasonable price.

Elksie has kept bees all his life and considers them his family. He has now packed honey at home for 40+ years.

Consumers were approaching him saying how they were disappointed with the honey being sold on the supermarket shelves so he decided to fix this. It is his greatest joy hearing feedback from his customers about how beautiful his honey is.
Elksie tells us “I never want to see a dissatisfied customer. I always say bad product is bad for business”.

He is determined to keep his customer prices fair as well as retaining a fair profit for himself. Its all about honest, fair, caring and prosperous business practices.

Other products sold are:

Bees wax

Gwydir Grove

In 2016 Gwydir Grove is celebrating 21 years producing award winning olive oils and olives. Our product range includes Extra Virgin Olive Oils, infused olive oils to suit all tastes.

We have an extensive range of olive oils infused with flavours of the Australian bush, including, Lemon Myrtle and Bush Herb.

Our Agrumato citrus flavoured olive oils are always popular and include Blood Orange, Fresh Lime, Zesty Lemon and Mandarin.

Our fusions range includes the award winning Australian Native Mint & Garlic, Spicy Chilli & Fresh Lime, and the recent addition to the range is the delectable Truffle Infused Olive Oil.

We have Australian Kalamata and Australian Manzanillo table olives and an olive paté and a delicious aged Balsamic Vinegar to complement our oils.

Gwydir Grove is a trusted name in the Australian Olive industry. Our great reputation and high profile is due to our ongoing commitment to quality, taste and service.

To view our products go to

Sydney Royal Fine Food Show 2015
Gold – Gwydir Grove Zesty Lemon
Gold – Gwydir Grove Blood Orange
Silver– Gwydir GroveFresh Lime
Silver– Gwydir Grove Grey Label EVOO

Melbourne Royal Fine Food Awards 2015
Silver– Gwydir Grove Zesty Lemon
Bronze – Gwydir Grove Family EVOO

Australian Olive Association National EVOO Competition 2015
Bronze– Gwydir Grove Fresh Lime


Facebook: Gwydir Grove Olives

Phone: (02) 6752 7411




Mountain Produce (David Timms)

Mountain Produce, local grower at Harbourside Markets.

Address:  20 Timms Ave. Ulong NSW 2450

Phone: 0428 545 219

ABN: 28 572 927 920


Amphore Fermented Foods

  • Merry and Dean run the Harbourside Markets Ginger Brew Kombucha and Coco Kefir stall. They believe that healthy belly means a healthy body.
    Their product is all natural and Australian made. We only make, blend and package natures proven winners. There is no chemical processing, no heat treatment, no additives and no fillers. Only natural food ingredients are used.
    Every item is also suitable for coeliac, vegan and paleo needs.
    Plus all items are naturally anti-pathogenic ensuring normal shelf life without chemicals. Importantly our products are dairy free, soy free and GMO free, gluten free and chemical cleaner free. Plus we use our own water based cultures and filtered water.
    We produce & distribute Nature’s Best products:
    + Organic Kombucha Beverages
    Try pouring half a glass and adding hot water for a soothing “tea” or add sparkling water for extra fizz.
    + Coco- Kefir
    One to two spoonfuls a day is most beneficial. Coco-Kefir is a great, healthy replacement for yoghurt, cream, sour cream on breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert.

Mexican Mamma’s

Mexican Mamma’s began in February 2015 when current stallholder Suzanne Lee wanted to follow her passion for cooking. Her passion stems from the way food brings people together and Harbourside Markets is the perfect place to share great food and great atmosphere. Delicioso!!

Mexican Mamma’s dishes up signature nachos and burritos, homemade mini quiches, mini sausage rolls, mini pancakes as well as jacket potatoes and milkshakes.

American Hot Dogs & Bratwurst

All American hot dogs, the best you can get!Sold from a unique traditional hot dog cart.

Donna Young and John Hutchinson are proud to offer you the highest quality, tastiest most generous hot dogs and Bratwurst around! Ask for “the works” if you dare! Donna and John reccomend two hands for beginners, one hand for the trained professional.