Sunburnt Celts

Sunburnt Celts at Harbourside Markets

The Sunburnt Celts was formed over 15 years ago with some legends in the folk/irish music scene. Founding members were myself , Mal Winckle, Anton Supiez, a legend and master of the music the late John Spencer, Peter Lans & Karen Spencer. We have had many changes between then and now and our current line up still includes myself and Anton, plus Mark Feeny, Dane Clarke, and our latest addition Mick Giles, whos been performing with the esteemed midnorth coast group, Tallowwood, for a number of years. Mick came onboard after Robbie Kirwin, a true Irishman with his gravel voice and accent went off to pursue other avenues.
The Sunburnt Celts has a style which is greatly comprised of Australian bush, folk & country with a distinctive lean into the irish tune scene, covering artists such as Lunasa, The Bushwhackers, Redgum, John Williamson, and some original songs and tune arrangements. Our on stage instrument variety includes fiddle, uillean pipes, piano accordion, low D whistle, harmonica,mandolin, cittern, flute, tin whistle & guitar, plus vocals. Our gig preferences are festivals, bushdances, markets, weddings, parties and on any St Patrick’s Day you’ll find us at the Irish themed pub or tavern that happens to book us in first, sometimes up to 12months in advance.
So thank you for checking us out, please dont hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiries,and I hope you enjoy the our page.

Tune it up!!
Mal Winckle
The Sunburnt Celts