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Harmonic Mondays

John Klemes
Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar & Vocals

John started his musical career learning to play the guitar at the age of 13. When he began he realised he had a talent for lyrics and song writing and started composing his own material.
At the age of 15 he was a key member in the school band, in which he sang and played the rhythm guitar.
Growing up in Sydney, John joined a band named “Blue Blood” as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist. “Blue Blood” has performed along the east coast and has played in blues festivals including those held in Byron Bay.
On leaving Australia to travel to his homeland the Czech Republic, he gained further experience as he traveled around Europe and Canada and has been involved in music ever since.
In 2006 John moved to the Mid North Coast and by a chance meeting, was re-acquainted with a friend from 20 years ago, Steve Cameron. The friends realised they had a common bond through music and decided to form a duo called “Sea Change” to fit the new lifestyle.
Unfortunately Steve passed away in 2010. R.I.P. Steve.
John met Tim at the Amble Inn in 2014 and together they relived the experiences John and Steve had together as well as finding their harmonies had a unique sound.
John’s ambition is to bring people together through music.

Tim Fretten
Keyboard, Percussion & Vocals

Tim started out learning to play the trumpet at the age of 9. His brothers played clarinet and electric bass guitar and they often recorded songs on an old reel to reel tape recorder. He graduated in his music career on trumpet, starting at grade 3 going through to grade 5 and played in the local silver bands and orchestras. It wasn’t until his 40th birthday, that he turned his talents to the keyboard.
He has always had a knack for finding harmonies and often learned a song with a plethora of them, as it seemed to come naturally.
Growing up in England, Tim would always have access to live music and had influences from seeing groups like the Kinks through to Queen, Genesis, Bon Jovi, Elton John and even Jimmy Barnes, as all the top bands toured the UK and even played in pubs solo !!

On leaving the UK and emigrating to Australia with his wife and two children in 2008, they found themselves settling in Coffs Harbour and finding a neighbour who encouraged Tim to get out and play.
While playing at the Amble Inn in Corindi, a chance meeting occurred with John who said, “Do you want to join a band “? They both play for a five piece band, The Dynamic Lifters. They found that their voices just clicked with harmonies and they could put their combined musical experiences together to form “Harmonic Mondays”.
Tim’s ambition is to bring a new harmony to any song, both a cover and an original.

Visit: http://www.harmonicmondays.com/
Call: Tim on 0435 315 548
Email: Tim at harmonicmondays@gmail.com.