GERA GERA Mobile Coffee

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Aidan & Keiko offer great service, a smile and an even better coffee after all GERAGERA means laugh out loud in Japanese.

GERAGERA started back in May 2011. Having worked in the food industry for many years GERAGERA was a chance for the couple to work outdoors & outside of the kitchen.

They also enjoy the opportunity to come in contact with awesome people, united by a passion for coffee.

GERAGERA also offers a small but surprising selection of specialties, which include: Matcha, Seasonal products (they rock a mean nice Mango Bread), Quinoa Bircher & Paletas (frozen fruit goodness on a stick). Their signature offering however is Melonpan, a fresh baked Japanese sweet bread.

When it comes down to it Aidan & Keiko of GERAGERA are in the business of bringing you the pleasure of quality coffee, fresh flavours & a whole lot of laughter as the name suggests. It is this intention that continues to inspire them daily.

We sell:
• Coffee & Matcha
• seasonal gourmet & specialty food


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