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Described as a likeness to a female powerhouse trio, Essie Thomas sounds like Missy Higgins, Janis Joplin and Ani DiFranco fused into one spectacularly entertaining Singer-Songstress.
Bending the boundaries of the folk music soundscape mixing soulful vocals, a roots/blues twist with a hint of bohemian gypsy groove, Essie Thomas is both captivating and thought provoking with her well crafted songs and stories telling deep truths of love and life relatable to all viewers.

Performing since her pre teens as a solo artist, Essie now finds herself backed by an amazing concoction of talented musicians that make; Essie Thomas Ensemble.
Unintentionally stumbling together on a far-north QLD tour in 2015, Essie Thomas Ensemble fits together carelessly as a slipshod multi-genre explosion of a toe tapping, soul trembling accident tied loosely together by the knotted heartstrings of Essie Thomas herself. Drawing crowds to venues and festival stages along the East Coast and taking to the road in celebration of the long awaited release of Essie’s new Album Hearts on the Table, available now through the iTunes Store or at

Essie Thomas leaves you with an appetite for more, whether solo or as a band, her stage presence alone will leave you hungry and ready for another taste of what Essie has to offer. Essie has graced the stage at many of Australia’s Favorite festivals: Port fairy Folk Festival, Splendor in the Grass Seven Sisters, Kuranda Roots, Palm Creek Folk Festival, Island Vibe, Earth Frequency Festival, Rainbow Serpent.

Combining unique vocals and awe inspiring guitar, Essie Thomas captivates audiences of all ages with her love of music showing in every song and story. Essie’s music takes you on a soulful journey and leaves you with an appetite for more.

Essie Thomas has been stealing the hearts of audiences since age eleven and has in recent years played the major festival circuit, appearing at: Woodford, The Dreaming, Tarerer, Port Fairy, Splendor in the Grass and supported many well known artists along the east coast.

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Port Byron Bay in the whereabouts o’ NSW

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