Coffs Local Natural Honey

Coffs Local Natural Honey

Alan “Elksie” Elks began his market stall 4 years ago to provide his customers with quality local honey at a reasonable price.

Elksie has kept bees all his life and considers them his family. He has now packed honey at home for 40+ years.

Consumers were approaching him saying how they were disappointed with the honey being sold on the supermarket shelves so he decided to fix this. It is his greatest joy hearing feedback from his customers about how beautiful his honey is.
Elksie tells us “I never want to see a dissatisfied customer. I always say bad product is bad for business”.

He is determined to keep his customer prices fair as well as retaining a fair profit for himself. Its all about honest, fair, caring and prosperous business practices.

Other products sold are:

Bees wax