Heart roots music, spreading the vibrations of love, joy and abundance to all corners of the Earth.

Mapstone define a new genre – ‘Heart/Roots’ music
Having just returned from touring Canada, they are ready for a full summer festival season in Australia. Theses musicians are committed to their path and dedicated to living a life of purpose and meaning.

Mapstone will activate all your chakras with growling didge & bass grooves, that lock onto drum and percussion rhythms, melodic guitars, folk harmonica, ukes, soaring flutes and vocals – all this from the dynamic threesome of Dion, Prhlad, Chris and a forever expanding and changing group of guest musicians
Created in Byron shire from pure light & love, blissed & blessed, from our heart to your heart which is our heart

“Mapstone’s conscious Heart root’s music is infectious to the soul, uplifting and leaves you calling for more. Full of joy, depth, inspiration and spirit, this is a band with a mission with enough heart to see it through. Do yourself a favour and experience this musical medicine.”

Mapstone have quickly emerged onto the roots music scenes in Australia, Canada and Bali. Together for just 18 months they have already shared the stage with Nahko and medicine for the people, Dustin Thomas, the Beautiful Girls, Murray Kyle and more. Mapstone have been moving the dance floor and delighting ears wherever they go, including prestigious festivals such as Woodford folk festival, Bali spirit festival and island vibe festival. Their blend of conscious roots, world, reggae, and folk music is of the heart, for the heart and from the heart. In-joy the medicine.

Like A Version OPEN MIC

Harbourside Markets “Like A Version” OPEN MIC

All musicians are welcome to perform your favourite cover versions.
First in best dressed to secure your spot.

The day will run from 10am to 2pm and money normally reserved for the band will be donated to MOVEMBER, raising awareness of men’s health issue. A hat will be passed around also.

There will be a running schedule whiteboard on which participants are invited to add their name. There will be a 3 song limit.

Sound equipment will be supplied and a drummer will be available on the day.

For more information on our chosen charity

Phat Tractor

Phat tracta
Local cover band, small 3 piece line-up, big rock band sound.

About the band:

Scott Anlezark, Lead Guitar and Vocals.

Born and raised in Sydney in the late 60’s Scott began as a drummer in high school at 14 but soon progressed to guitar longing to be out the front, not stuck in the back..
With over 30 years experience playing in cover bands and support gigs for the likes of JIMMY BARNES, THE RADIATORS and THE CHOIRBOYS, up and down the coast from Sydney to north Queensland. Scott’s influences from van-halen to dire straits are plain to see when you watch this energetic guitarist/vocalist apply his trade. Able to entertain any age group with music from the 60’s to the 00’s, Scott will wow any crowd as he entertains you with his obvious love for what he does as it is plain to see.

Garry(Hoggy), Drums and vocals,

Born in Newcastle in 67, started playing drums at 14 in high school tutored by drumming legend Danny Davidson. Garry toured with Koo Day Tah in 84/85 and had some success with other cover bands such as Crying Suns, The Terra Planes and Sonic Attack before moving to coffs in 96 where he played in cover bands like Kiilla Kranki,
Latitude 33, and corpus mingus..Being influenced from iron maiden, tool and my chemical romance he started his own folk rock originals band called CHEATING SKARLET, Garry has a punchy rock sound that combines well with scott and mark to give a PHAT sound all around…

Mark,Batchelor, Bass Guitar and Vocals.

Born and raised in coffs mark started playing bass in school at age 12. while in high school year 12 he played with cover band” Tax Free” 60’s and 80’s rock, then in the 80’s and 90’s
He played with local band “ PUNCHLINE”. With influences from bands such as the eagles Marks solid bass style seamlessly blends with hoggy to give a tight “engine room” style sound for scott to bounce off but all three together is just PHAT…

Phat Tracta, playing your fav tunes from the 70’s to now.

All live, all real, no backing tracks and no safety net.
Together this powerhouse trio will ROCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!
You will remember the time you saw PHAT TRACTA

Tom Richardson


Tom Richardson’s music may be best categorised into experiences and emotions than genre. An adventurous yet humble nomad, in the past two years alone, Tom has performed in 15 different countries across the globe. In an age where it’s all too easy for young musicians to be caught in the tide of ever changing trends, online overkill and pressures to be the “next big thing”, Tom has stepped into the side stream, appreciating the freedom of exploration and the privilege of forging relationships with listeners and cultures around the world.

“What is more exhilarating than the beauty of
adventure and connection?!
Music has been the vehicle that has allowed me to continually experience both of these things.”

With an infectious and genuine demeanor, Tom speaks and sings from a place of truth – At a live performance, it’s not uncommon to experience people laughing, crying, dancing and singing – often long after the show has finished. Tom has been known to have entire theatres leaving his show, continuing to sing in unison all the way out.

Tom uses the latest in loop pedal technology to create incredible soundscapes, overdubbing four part vocal harmonies, complicated percussion grooves and lead and rhythm guitar parts, all live on stage. Dancing around the stage, Tom uses his feet, hands and voice to create different song sections and preserving song writing integrity, starting, stopping and layering various instruments as he goes.

“Performing onstage, especially as a solo artist,
can be both incredibly terrifying & incredibly freeing.

While it will always be a work in progress, my greatest challenge & ultimate endeavor by the end of each show is to have no distance, no hierarchy & no difference between myself, as the artist, & the audience, as the listener.
When it all comes together, that collective energy & unity
is pretty hard to describe!”

Combining his love of music, yoga, travelling and ocean culture, Tom also loves finding the time whilst travelling the world to empower ambitious, wheelchair bound youths through adaptive surfing and skating programs, through the organisations ‘Ocean Healing Group’ and ‘Sharing The Stoke’.

“My choice to be true as a person is a
personal daily adventure.

Through the evolution of my travel,
& both musical & non-musical relationships,
to be honest & truthful in music is a given.

I no longer feel there is a choice!”

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Fashion Exchange Harbourside Markets

Come along to our fashion exchange and bring some of those clothes you don’t wear anymore along with you so you can swap them for something you love more!!

Fashion Exchanges offer a fun, affordable and sustainable way to update your wardrobe!

Hope to see you there!!Drop off good quality clothing items (up to 10) between 8 – 9.30am for a token and the fun begins at 10am.


TiMBAH, Australia’s answer to the Dave Matthews Band, tour relentlessly and – like their North American spiritual siblings – invariably win over crowds where ever they go with their lively brand of folk-jazz-rock-blues fusion.

In the beginning just two brothers, TiMBAH now moves a variety of audiences from their seats with a strong and talented outfit of five. Lead by the intricate guitar work and age-less voice of Nye Stewart, and backed by the rollicking percussion of brother Abe; TiMBAH’s nucleus inspires all.

Rivalling many folk frenzies’ among us, TiMBAH would not be complete without their remaining dedicated ensemble; jamming on anything from fiddle to banjo, harp, clarinet, bass, keyboard, or melodica. Emerging from the low end, steadfast and smooth, comes Nick Warren on the Bass radiating spicy and electrifying grooves. Bursting from the seams the exceptionally talented Nicholas ‘springy’ Springall emits a unique phalanges’ dance on keyboard. While the poignant, yet energetic violin, poking jovially between riffs by Christopher Gillespie enhances every song.

TiMBAH are a uniquely gifted and charismatic collective. Bounding between genres with creative poise and diversifying musicianship this band will continue to pave the path to musical greatness!

Roots, Rock

sounds like
Dave Matthews Band, John Butler Trio, Ben Harper

band members
Nye Stewart – Frontman – Rhythm/Lead guitar – vocal Abe Stewart – percussion Nicholas Springall/Dave Gilbert – Keyboard Chris Gillespie – Violin Nick Warren – Bass Toby Diggford – Clarinet – Saxophone

Dave Matthews Band, django reinhardt, the beatles