Guy Kachel

Guy Kachel had an idyllic entrée to the world of music. Born in Tamworth, he was raised on the banks of the Peel River. The landscape was a fertile ground for his imagination. Seeing this rustic world change, as Tamworth developed into an inland city and friends grew to sometimes troubled adulthoods, provided insights for the artistry that later powered his career as a performer.

His paternal grandfather, an itinerant harmonica duellist, gave him his first guitar at 15. However, bereft of musical guidance Guy progressed no further than the riff to Smoke on the Water until, as an apprentice electrician, he struck up a lifelong friendship with Lawrie Minson, who went on to become one of the country’s best known journeyman musicians. Minson coaxed him through the rudiments of guitar and transplanted a love of hillbilly guitar picking and such southern-rock stalwarts as the Ozark Mountain Daredevils.

The strains of country, rock and blues mingled in Guy’s increasingly accomplished craft. Embellished by tours across the vast outback it manifested in the style of country blues exemplified by greats like John Hiatt, Rodney Crowell and Lowell George from Little Feat. The harmonica playing of his grandfather had also resurfaced and became a feature of his act as he gained a residency in Tamworth and formed the band Bloozenfunkenstuff with renowned guitar-slinger Alwyn Aurisch and the deadly rhythm section of Pete Maloney on bass and Michael Thompson on drums. This combination shifted Kachel’s repertoire into a higher gear again. The band swiftly became underground Tamworth Country Music festival favourites.

But the muse is voracious and Guy found himself footloose, drifting East, to the Byron Shire where the fertile tropics energised his creative talents. He started writing songs, cathartically, about his past, Tamworth, the fate of his peers – and ultimately, himself. The result is a startlingly confessional and strong, emotional album, Innocent Screams. It deals with his youth (Green Machines), the fraught transition to manhood (Face The Music) and the sometimes onerous obsessions of the country music wannabes infesting Tamworth (Around the Bend). Wry observations from a seasoned bard about people immersed in their dreams, dreams that some never escape.


Pat Tierney

Lap Slide and Acoustic inspired folk and blues with a splash of reggae roots.


Pat Tierney’s music nestles right in between the inspiring sounds of Bob Dylan and Bob Marley, a hint of folk and blues and a splash of reggae roots. Throw in some lap slide guitar, wailing harmonica and soulful melodies and you have a unique sound brimming with eclecticism and positivity.
A recent 2015 Queensland Music Award finalist in the Blues n Roots Category, Pat is currently finishing off a mammoth run of shows throughout Australia and New Zealand after the release of his debut album ‘Wild World Blues’ in June of this year.
The album showcases Pat’s signature slide guitar fuelled sound with tales of love, loss, hope and a unique take on the world today. Bringing together influences from Blues, Folk, Reggae,Country and Celtic music into a musical mixing pot that finds it’s true voice on the live stage.
Sharing the stage in recent times with the likes of Mat McHugh (The Beautiful Girls), Horrorshow and Bobby Alu, Pat’s sound continues to grow and gain momentum backed by a string of recent festival performances and strong radio play through the likes of ABC, Triple J and community stations across Australia and New Zealand.


JuiceBox: 100% organic Funk and Soul served super fresh and dancey 🙂

JuiceBox are a groovy five piece that draw on their global Roots and explorations. Weaving a musical celebration of Earth – her diverse gifts and current challenges.
Bello based, JuiceBox are a band that get you dancing to their infectious, energetic and funky grooves, with earthy lyrics. James Brown meets Bob Brown.
Their unique and original style of song writing and arrangements give freedom for improvisation and spontaneity.

Shanteya & Jo

Shanteya and Jo are an independent folk duo whose soulful voices and transporting guitar lines interweave their stories though an organic blend of harmony and percussive breakdowns. Typically their song writing explores their love for nature, travel and the core emotions aroused by their personal experiences and relationships.

Following the release of their debut EP ‘Land and Sea’ in 2015, this Bellingen based duo regularly took to the road uplifting the hearts of audiences at a plethora of venues up and down the East Coast, including support gigs for well-known artists such as Australia’s 80s rock band 1927 and singer songwriter and activist Dustin Thomas. Some more highlights included their packed house shows at Bello Winter Music Festival and Spirit of the Land Festival.
They released their powerful and haunting single, ‘Taken’, in early 2016 before journeying to the cobbled streets of Europe to spread their songs and stories on a busking and gigging tour.

Shanteya Lancaster – vocals, guitar, percussion
Joseph Ashley – vocals, guitar, percussion



A thrilling cover band.
Fresh & fearless four piece outfit guaranteed to burn up your dancing shoes. We bring to you a repertoire of thumping tunes with a pleasing disruption of timeless all time favourites. A feast of decade spanning music with a penchant for a quirky, retro,
rock sound.

We love to play and perform and appreciate the appreciative.
Bang Bang is:
Suzanne van Gestel – vocals.
Scott Barr – guitar and vocals.
Alan Valja – percussion and vocals.
Jenni Whitty – keyboards and vocals.

Our song list includes hits from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s including artists such as The Rubens, Nick Cave, The White Stripes, The Black Keys, Depeche mode, Blondie, Eurhythmics, Nick Waterhouse, Nina Simone, Sonny & Cher, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, The Kinks and The Beatles all delivered in our own unique dynamic style.

We would love to perform at your venue!
Contact: Alan Valja for bookings and information 0407 968 788
Find us at:

Luke Vassella

An authored performer, the authentic voice of the ‘new country’.

Website Luke Vassella


Bluesy, funky, soulful, rocking, colourful, fun, relaxed and intense are strokes which only begin to sketch the joyously uncategorisable sound of Broadfoot, the popular Far North Coast band with members drawn from Mullumbimby and Byron Bay. Ever attuned to the vibe of their diverse audiences, Broadfoot unleash the twin genies of dance and delight across the NSW North Coast and beyond with a heady and ever evolving mix of original material.

Tennyson King


Tennyson King — it’s a name that evokes notions of classic, literary depth and majesty. But it also has the hallowed ring of the gritty, earthy roots of rock and roll. In a sense these are both correct as it is the name — or nom de plume — of Toronto-based musician/composer/producer Alfred Chow’s exciting new musical odyssey.

The self-titled Tennyson King EP, produced by Derek Downham (Serena Ryder, Keven Drew, The Beauties) sees Chow’s inventive musical persona bringing together the emotional intensity and dark sweetness of the blues with compositional and production techniques that feature a lush layered, psychedelic and 1970s rock sensibility, all wrapped up in a contemporary, modern lustre that gives the music an appeal that transcends genre and demographics.

Prior to Tennyson King, Chow was an in-demand collaborator in a variety of bands and musical projects that spanned a head-spinning array of genres and styles, from jazz to hip hop to classical, reggae and rock.

His eclectic career has seen him share the stage with the likes of Whitehorse, Sloan, Elliot Brood, Joel Plaskett, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings and Jon B.

The Tennyson King EP saw Chow and Downham hunker down at the esteemed Catherine North Studios in Hamilton, Ontario. The result is a collection of songs that is refreshing in its unashamed spirit of independence, experimentation and lack of conformity. It is a record that delightfully thumbs its nose at the prevailing, popular musical cliches of the day — just the way Chow likes it.

With a scintillating debut album, Alfred Chow and his Tennyson King are poised to not only move forward as a refreshing, vital and important new musical voice, but also to earn both existential, critical and popular rewards for a unique creative vision and how he executes that vision with such sublime mastery.