Sky Eater is the sound born of femme musical warrior Chelsea Skyeater & her multi-instrumental
artillery (Keys, Uke, Sax, Vocals, Clarinet, Melodica), a loop station, and a lifetime love of music
with influences that range from Bob Marley to Bjork. Joined by the SUBlime sounds of TK on
Bass, Guitar and Riddims, they bring you all that is Mermaid Trip-Hop Dub.
This well travelled pair of highly trained multi-instrumentalists have played music right across
the globe with a range of artists at many popular festivals, including: Glastonbury (UK), Rainbow
Serpent, Woodford, Island Vibe, Earth Frequency, Kuranda Roots, Bushweek (AU), Luminate (NZ)
and Wallaby Creek.
After returning from a 6 month tour around Australia Sky Eater have been collaborating on a
fresh repertoire, drawing from UK born TKBassDread’s experience in dub, trip hop and drum and
bass to further enrich the serene songs and soundscape that Chelsea creates.They currently
perform regularly around Byron, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast whilst preparing to tour
Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Canada for the release of their debut EP this summer.

Find Skyeater online:

Luke Vassella

An authored performer, the authentic voice of the ‘new country’.

Website Luke Vassella



A thrilling cover band.
Fresh & fearless four piece outfit guaranteed to burn up your dancing shoes. We bring to you a repertoire of thumping tunes with a pleasing disruption of timeless all time favourites. A feast of decade spanning music with a penchant for a quirky, retro,
rock sound.

We love to play and perform and appreciate the appreciative.
Bang Bang is:
Suzanne van Gestel – vocals.
Scott Barr – guitar and vocals.
Alan Valja – percussion and vocals.
Jenni Whitty – keyboards and vocals.

Our song list includes hits from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s including artists such as The Rubens, Nick Cave, The White Stripes, The Black Keys, Depeche mode, Blondie, Eurhythmics, Nick Waterhouse, Nina Simone, Sonny & Cher, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, The Kinks and The Beatles all delivered in our own unique dynamic style.

We would love to perform at your venue!
Contact: Alan Valja for bookings and information 0407 968 788
Find us at:

Guy Kachel

Guy Kachel had an idyllic entrée to the world of music. Born in Tamworth, he was raised on the banks of the Peel River. The landscape was a fertile ground for his imagination. Seeing this rustic world change, as Tamworth developed into an inland city and friends grew to sometimes troubled adulthoods, provided insights for the artistry that later powered his career as a performer.

His paternal grandfather, an itinerant harmonica duellist, gave him his first guitar at 15. However, bereft of musical guidance Guy progressed no further than the riff to Smoke on the Water until, as an apprentice electrician, he struck up a lifelong friendship with Lawrie Minson, who went on to become one of the country’s best known journeyman musicians. Minson coaxed him through the rudiments of guitar and transplanted a love of hillbilly guitar picking and such southern-rock stalwarts as the Ozark Mountain Daredevils.

The strains of country, rock and blues mingled in Guy’s increasingly accomplished craft. Embellished by tours across the vast outback it manifested in the style of country blues exemplified by greats like John Hiatt, Rodney Crowell and Lowell George from Little Feat. The harmonica playing of his grandfather had also resurfaced and became a feature of his act as he gained a residency in Tamworth and formed the band Bloozenfunkenstuff with renowned guitar-slinger Alwyn Aurisch and the deadly rhythm section of Pete Maloney on bass and Michael Thompson on drums. This combination shifted Kachel’s repertoire into a higher gear again. The band swiftly became underground Tamworth Country Music festival favourites.

But the muse is voracious and Guy found himself footloose, drifting East, to the Byron Shire where the fertile tropics energised his creative talents. He started writing songs, cathartically, about his past, Tamworth, the fate of his peers – and ultimately, himself. The result is a startlingly confessional and strong, emotional album, Innocent Screams. It deals with his youth (Green Machines), the fraught transition to manhood (Face The Music) and the sometimes onerous obsessions of the country music wannabes infesting Tamworth (Around the Bend). Wry observations from a seasoned bard about people immersed in their dreams, dreams that some never escape.


Skydiving Santa!

Skydiving Santa!
Free Christmas Fun at Harbourside Markets!

We are excited to announce Santa will be parachuting into Harbourside Markets to collect last minute Christmas wishes from the boys and girls of the Coffs Coast. Bring your family and friends along to Christmas celebrations at Harbourside Markets on Sunday 23rd December. It will be a day of fun and frivolity with a little kids carnival, jumping castles, pony cycles, face painting, temporary tattoos, great food, live music and relaxed vibe.

Santa is due to drop in from the North Pole at 10am with the help of Coffs City Skydivers. He will also be bringing his helper Pixie Elf to spread Christmas cheer courtesy of The Smiley’s!

Join in with the festive spirit. Fill in your special Santa wish list to enter our Christmas competition to win loads of prizes for big and little kids from Harbourside Markets, Coffs City Skydivers and The Smiley’s to be drawn at 11am on the day. There will also be plenty of photo opportunities with Santa and Pixie Elf.

It’s a fantastic chance to support your local growers, producers and craftspeople and get the last of your Christmas shopping done. Grab your fresh fruit and vegetables and gourmet foods for the Christmas table. Shop for unique hand-made Christmas gifts in a pleasant holiday atmosphere without the crowds. Christmas shopping on Sunday’s cannot get any better than this.

Out of the Blue

Feel good music from the 50s to now

Rod Dowsett

ROD Dowsett tells it how it is. Real-life stories.
Perhaps it’s his emotionally charged vocals telling stories from his own experiences, or his fresh sound which he makes his own.
Whatever it is, local crooner Rod Dowsett is undeniably a favourite on the local circuit and beyond.
Combining great lyrics, great sound and great experiences have seen Rod consistently blow audiences away – and not just with the locals.
His single ‘I Got Me A Boat’ received national airplay, including on the ABC Radio’s show Saturday Night Country, making its Hottest 100 Tracks and reaching the Top 100 Country Hits Chart.
The film clip was also shown on Country Music Channel.
He was honoured with three of his songs, ‘Dodging Bullets’, ‘Robbin’ & ‘Drunken Arsehole’, securing finalist spots in the Top 100 2005 Musicoz Awards Country Artist of the Year.
And it didn’t stop there. Earlier this year Rod released his third studio album, “String of Hearts” and he’s been touring successfully ever since. Now he’s bringing his music back to where it all started, with shows on the Coffs Coast.


Sunburnt Celts

The Sunburnt Celts was formed over 15 years ago with some legends in the folk/irish music scene. Founding members were myself , Mal Winckle, Anton Supiez, a legend and master of the music the late John Spencer, Peter Lans & Karen Spencer. We have had many changes between then and now and our current line up still includes myself and Anton, plus Mark Feeny, Dane Clarke, and our latest addition Mick Giles, whos been performing with the esteemed midnorth coast group, Tallowwood, for a number of years. Mick came onboard after Robbie Kirwin, a true Irishman with his gravel voice and accent went off to pursue other avenues.
The Sunburnt Celts has a style which is greatly comprised of Australian bush, folk & country with a distinctive lean into the irish tune scene, covering artists such as Lunasa, The Bushwhackers, Redgum, John Williamson, and some original songs and tune arrangements. Our on stage instrument variety includes fiddle, uillean pipes, piano accordion, low D whistle, harmonica,mandolin, cittern, flute, tin whistle & guitar, plus vocals. Our gig preferences are festivals, bushdances, markets, weddings, parties and on any St Patrick’s Day you’ll find us at the Irish themed pub or tavern that happens to book us in first, sometimes up to 12months in advance.
So thank you for checking us out, please dont hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiries,and I hope you enjoy the our page.

Tune it up!!
Mal Winckle
The Sunburnt Celts

Coffs Harbour International Buskers & Comedy Festival

After 17 years of putting fun and laughter onto the very streets of this fair city, the 2018 Coffs Harbour International Buskers & Comedy Festival enters its eighteenth year in 2018 and just like an eager teenager is bursting at the seams with ideas, flavours and new energy. The festival kicks off on October 2 & continues until October 7th . “ Every year we can’t wait until September/October school holidays and this year will be no different,” Festival Coordinator John Logan said.

Market Busking performers include:
Flying Dutchmen
Son of Popeyed
Clown Loto


The festival began in the late 1980’s & was run by a local service Club before it fell away in the early 90s. It was picked up again in 1999 by JLE and with the help and support of Council , generous sponsors and the public it has grown since then. It hasn’t always been easy but “we are still here” says organiser John Logan. Over the last 17 years the festival brought in acts from dozens of countries as well as acts from all over Australia. While many are new acts to Coffs, the festival welcomes returning artists where they have proved to be a ‘hit’ in the City. To host a free event of this calibre in a regional area year after year is indeed a credit to the city. Organisers want to make sure locals and visitors continue to celebrate and enjoy the great art of street theatre, while they entertain the community and drive local spending to keep the city thriving.