Coffs Harbour International Buskers & Comedy Festival

After 17 years of putting fun and laughter onto the very streets of this fair city, the 2018 Coffs Harbour International Buskers & Comedy Festival enters its eighteenth year in 2018 and just like an eager teenager is bursting at the seams with ideas, flavours and new energy. The festival kicks off on October 2 & continues until October 7th . “ Every year we can’t wait until September/October school holidays and this year will be no different,” Festival Coordinator John Logan said.

Market Busking performers include:
Flying Dutchmen
Son of Popeyed
Clown Loto


The festival began in the late 1980’s & was run by a local service Club before it fell away in the early 90s. It was picked up again in 1999 by JLE and with the help and support of Council , generous sponsors and the public it has grown since then. It hasn’t always been easy but “we are still here” says organiser John Logan. Over the last 17 years the festival brought in acts from dozens of countries as well as acts from all over Australia. While many are new acts to Coffs, the festival welcomes returning artists where they have proved to be a ‘hit’ in the City. To host a free event of this calibre in a regional area year after year is indeed a credit to the city. Organisers want to make sure locals and visitors continue to celebrate and enjoy the great art of street theatre, while they entertain the community and drive local spending to keep the city thriving.


Saije (Shanteya & Jo)

Saije (Shanteya and Jo) are an independent folk duo whose soulful voices and transporting guitar lines interweave their stories though an organic blend of harmony and percussive breakdowns. Typically their song writing explores their love for nature, travel and the core emotions aroused by their personal experiences and relationships.

Following the release of their debut EP ‘Land and Sea’ in 2015, this Bellingen based duo regularly took to the road uplifting the hearts of audiences at a plethora of venues up and down the East Coast, including support gigs for well-known artists such as Australia’s 80s rock band 1927 and singer songwriter and activist Dustin Thomas. Some more highlights included their packed house shows at Bello Winter Music Festival and Spirit of the Land Festival.
They released their powerful and haunting single, ‘Taken’, in early 2016 before journeying to the cobbled streets of Europe to spread their songs and stories on a busking and gigging tour.

Shanteya Lancaster – vocals, guitar, percussion
Joseph Ashley – vocals, guitar, percussion

Big River Blues

Big River Blues are an eclectic new band hailing from Clarence Valley. With band members hailing from the communities of Wooli, Diggers Camp, and Wooloweyah, they spent six months together toiling at their craft and letting their sonic explorations weave into a brilliant fusion of blues-soul-funk-rock before a baptism of fire in January 2017 at the Wooli Pub. The wildly positive reactions from those who witnessed Big River Blues debut instantly lead to the Wooli Publican bringing them back as soon as possible 12 days later. With ever-growing crowd approval they broke the Wooli Club Sunday music attendance records the following fortnight. Wooli had truly embraced Big River’s fiery and passionate sound and for good reason.
Using the vast catalogue of material by a myriad of legendary 60’s & 70’s artists as a springboard, Big River Blues’ stream-of-consciousness style playing combines amazing emotional content with tremedous technical control.

Picture a seamless interaction of vibrant fluid guitar and vocals wonderfully enhanced and fully supported by a solid backline of thumping bass and snap-tight drums and you have Big River Blues.

Featuring performers with years of national and international experience Big River Blues are the awesome abilities of Melissa Smith (vocals, percussion and rhythm guitar), Dom Ferry (guitar), Mark Watson (bass guitar) and Faron Young (drums).

Big River are:
Mel Smith – Vocals, Percussion and Guitar
Dom Ferry – Guitar
Mark Watson – Bass
Faron Young – Drums


In 1979 five enthusiastic blokes put on a night of Australian and folk music at Ulong RSL Club in the mountains above the NSW Mid North Coast. More than 30 years after that humble but optimistic beginning that band has gone on to do five albums, win awards, headline music festivals, supply movie soundtracks and, most of all, entertain thousands and thousands of people with its family-friendly, bush dances and history-laden folk music.

In 2014 Tallowood’s line-up includes a swag of incredibly talented multi-instrumentalists who love and present folk music from around the world. The band’s music has a strong Celtic influence and an emphasis on preserving the Australian family bush dance – songs that transport the audience through time and emotion, from distant ancestors leaving their homeland on convict ships to the hardships of droving on the Maranoa or the cooling childhood memories of jumping off the jetty in mid summer. Acoustic instruments including fiddle, mandolin, flute and whistles, guitar, tenor banjo, piano and harmonicas pull at the listeners heartstrings with airs and waltzes, then lift the dancers’ heels with jigs, reels, and hornpipes.

Tallowood’s vast repertoire of traditional tunes is complimented with a host of contemporary covers and witty originals. A new album is planned for 2014.

Thirty-four years strong, Tallowood still roams the bush entertaining all who stand in their way, offering their well-established, good-time, family entertainment in community halls, woolsheds and backyards, as well as clubs and pubs around this great country.

Jesse Morris Band

Globe-trotting, conscious, acoustic, soul, roots & reggae troubadours based in the Australian Northern Rivers Bundjalung region of the Byron Bay hinterland. Soul-filed gypsy storytelling. Acoustic roots & reggae. Conscious blues & roots. Positive soul music. Eclectic beats & vibrations for people of all ages.

Core members: Jesse Morris, TK Bass Dread, Hugh Jones, Stafford Smith… Regular guests: Rosie Misschief, Chel Bell, Aya Trumpet, Stuart Currie, Marky Power, Damian Campbell, Andrew Hutchings, Kieran Morris, Lucille Wilson, Rob DeMasi.



Big Boogie Band

Once upon a time the musical maestro Grant (Wriggles) Rigby had a burning dream to bring together lost and wandering semi & professional minstrels displaced by CD spinning DJ’s. Out in the back streets Grant hunted, listening for musical melodies emitting from dark alleys and deep basements. His search was long but fruitful and eventually Grant returned home with a collection of horn blowers and string pluckers. Placing his new found musos into a pot and adding a dash of Jazz, Swing, Blues, & Rock, Grant’s vision burst into reality. He had created the full sounds of the biggest and best big band on Oz’s East coast, fronted by “man that girl can sing” Christine Simpson. The Big-Big Boogie Band covers a very large musical range of tunes to entertain at functions, clubs, pubs or concerts from a Rockin Robin a LaBamba a Zoot Suit Riot while doing The Time Warp or chilling out to a mellow Summertime. Come along join the fun, get your body into a Shake Rattle and Roll at the next B-BBBand’s gig.

For availability, costs, special requirements, quotes and bookings, please email:

Or Call, Dave 0428145010

Just Like That!

Music from the 60’s to the present.

Essie Thomas

Described as a likeness to a female powerhouse trio, Essie Thomas sounds like Missy Higgins, Janis Joplin and Ani DiFranco fused into one spectacularly entertaining Singer-Songstress.
Bending the boundaries of the folk music soundscape mixing soulful vocals, a roots/blues twist with a hint of bohemian gypsy groove, Essie Thomas is both captivating and thought provoking with her well crafted songs and stories telling deep truths of love and life relatable to all viewers.

Performing since her pre teens as a solo artist, Essie now finds herself backed by an amazing concoction of talented musicians that make; Essie Thomas Ensemble.
Unintentionally stumbling together on a far-north QLD tour in 2015, Essie Thomas Ensemble fits together carelessly as a slipshod multi-genre explosion of a toe tapping, soul trembling accident tied loosely together by the knotted heartstrings of Essie Thomas herself. Drawing crowds to venues and festival stages along the East Coast and taking to the road in celebration of the long awaited release of Essie’s new Album Hearts on the Table, available now through the iTunes Store or at

Essie Thomas leaves you with an appetite for more, whether solo or as a band, her stage presence alone will leave you hungry and ready for another taste of what Essie has to offer. Essie has graced the stage at many of Australia’s Favorite festivals: Port fairy Folk Festival, Splendor in the Grass Seven Sisters, Kuranda Roots, Palm Creek Folk Festival, Island Vibe, Earth Frequency Festival, Rainbow Serpent.

Combining unique vocals and awe inspiring guitar, Essie Thomas captivates audiences of all ages with her love of music showing in every song and story. Essie’s music takes you on a soulful journey and leaves you with an appetite for more.

Essie Thomas has been stealing the hearts of audiences since age eleven and has in recent years played the major festival circuit, appearing at: Woodford, The Dreaming, Tarerer, Port Fairy, Splendor in the Grass and supported many well known artists along the east coast.

Current Location
Port Byron Bay in the whereabouts o’ NSW

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Out of the Blue

Feel good music from the 50s to now